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Brigitte Gautier designer of Colorscopie® develops color consulting for L'Oréal Professionnel worldwide.

Her career has led her, through research into the effects of colour, to publish 4 works :

"Vivre avec ses Couleurs" (Living with Your Colours), "La Couleur Autrement" (A Different Way of Looking at Colour) and "Formes et Couleurs"(Shapes and Colours), written with Claude Juillard (Book of the Year trophy awarded by the Mondial Coiffure Beauté - International Hair & Beauty Convention).

"Un coach pour un nouveau look" (A coach to have a new look) written with Claude Juillard has been published in May 2009.
Her training activities are aimed at hairdressers and all beauty professionals looking to develop image consulting in their domains.


Education Colour System

Colour Harmony
Séminaires colorscopie à Séoul
The first step in hairdresser training to achieve mastery of Colour Consulting.

Hairdressers learn to observe their customers through their clothes and their choice of accessories, to better understand their color environment. The gold and silver color Test enables hairdressers to leadcustomers to discover the reflects and the hairstyle that suit them best.


Coaching Color
Séminaires colorscopie à bombay

Coaching Color offers a hairdressing program accompanying the client in the development of its image.

Working his sense of observation and knowing the right questions to ask involves the client in his choices. The hairdresser will develop an expertise in color harmony. For his experience and advice, he becomes a color coach.

Colour Coaching

We live in a world of images and signs. We would like to control their effects. Self image, respect for others...
How am I perceived ?
How would I be perceived ?

These are the answers given by the Colour coaching program, an exchange relationship, support in self-discovery. Communication and appearance will help you in projecting a successful and professional image. A path is clear that grows more confident, calmer and more open.


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